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A Climate Policy Revolution: What the Science of Complexity Reveals about Saving the Planet 

Authors Roland Kupers
Publisher Harvard University Press – 2020
Cover PUP cover
Book review Terwilliger, J. (2022). A Climate Policy RevolutionTerwilliger, J. (2022). A Climate Policy Revolution. Environmental Politics.
Editorial Project Syndicate:How the Pandemic Can Revolutionize Climate Policy
Article Politica Exterior: El tiempo se acaba – Ante el cambio climático necesitamos una revolución, no una reforma paulatina. Promoverla requiere que la economía deje paso a la ciencia de los sistemas complejos, capaz de abordar este desafío de manera inmediata.”
Interview EcoBusiness Singapore interview:We can’t rely on governments or businesses—we need a climate policy revolution
Interview BCG Henderson interview:Embracing the Complexity of Climate Change
Editorial The Mint Magazine:An inconveniently complex truth
Editorial ICAEW editorial:Climate change and accountancy: when government action falls short
Review The Times Higher Education:” ‘Revolution’ coming on education, complexity, climate
Interview Rocky Mountain Institute interview:” The book takes a refreshing look at climate policy, and is both concise and accessible.
Blog Florence School of Regulation:” Complex systems require surgical interventions through regulation to tweak their dynamic.”


Complexity and the Art of Public Policy: Solving Society’s Problems from the Bottom Up

Authors David Colander and Roland Kupers
Publisher Princeton University Press – 2014
Cover PUP cover
Reviews Amazon.com_ Herbert Gintis: “Best Book on Public Policy in Years”
11 Smart Books You Should Read This Summer _ 250 Words: “Maybe the most groundbreaking book on this list.”
The Enlightened Economist: “Slow demise of the economist ex machina”
The Evolution Institute: “A Book That Changes The Way We Think About The Economy And Government”
Buchanan – Bloomberg View: “Colander and Kupers’s book ought to be on every policy maker’s reading list”
Arnold Kling, It’s Complicated _ Library of Economics and Liberty: “I strongly recommend Complexity. It is by far the most stimulating nonfiction book I have read this year.”
Public Administration Review: “In my opinion, they have succeeded in providing a convincing argument for why and how complexity science should have a much bigger role in (thinking about) policy making.”
Journal of Economic Literature Kirman: “Complexity and Economic Policy: A Paradigm Shift or a Change in Perspective? A Review Essay on David Colander and Roland Kupers’s Complexity and the Art of Public Policy”

The Essence of Scenarios: Learning from the Shell Experience

Authors Angela Wilkinson and Roland Kupers – Betty Sue Flowers editor
Publisher Amsterdam University Press – 2014
Cover scenarios cover

Reviews Jefferson in Technological Forecasting & Social Change: “The most detailed, balanced and satisfactory account to have appeared in print.For anyone interested in following the history of Shell’s work on developing, and seeking to apply, scenarios, this is an essential read.”
Futurista blog: “The book gives us an insight in the development and finetuning of the ‘gentle art’ of scenario planning in Shell and is basically a unique case study with
educational insights for both beginners and more experienced foresight experts.”

Turbulence: A corporate perspective on collaborating for resilience

Authors Roland Kupers – editor
Publisher Amsterdam University Press – 2014

Swiss Re 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report: “This 188 page publication presents the tools and concepts developed by the members of the Resilience Action Initiative to foster resilience in an increasingly turbulent world. Swiss Re contributed a full chapter focusing on enterprise resilience.”
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